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  • Stress Ball Firmness Guide

    Ever wonder what it's like to squeeze one of the many stress balls we carry on our site? We've whipped together this handy guide to show you the firmness of some of our best stress balls. Continue reading

  • 5 Reasons Why you Should Give Away Office Toys at your Next Trade Show

    Many years ago, I found my inspiration for starting Office Playground at a trade show. I was working at a trade show consulting firm at the time. My company's job was to help our clients get as many people to their booth as possible. My boss used to call it, "creating an anthill," referring to what it looks like when attendees swarm your trade show booth. Printable Flying Disc - Frisbee I remember looking down on the trade show floor from the 2nd level and seeing a few anthills, so I investigated them. The companies with the anthills were giving stuff away for free.  Not too surprising that people like free stuff. What was surprising was that these free giveaways were mostly toys!  I remember specifically a very serious looking guy in a 3 piece suit waiting in a line, for a while, to get a free Frisbee. It was at that moment it clicked that humans love toys, adults and children alike.

    So, why are office toys such strong magnets to draw people to your trade show booth and reinforce your brand for years afterwards?  Here are the top 5 reasons:

    1. Printable Bead Gel Stress BallThey're visually appealing! Stress balls, stress toys, or unusual desktop toys really catch your eye. Office toys are colorful, they may move, or they are tactile. These qualities all lead to people wanting to get a toy, play with it, and keep it! Office toys will draw trade show attendees to your booth.
    2. They have broad appeal. Office toys appeal to all kinds of people, but an imprinted golf ball may only appeal to golfers. Most people either want that free office toy for themselves, or have a friend, family member, or coworker they want to give it to.
    3. They have longevity. Office toys last a long time. An imprinted stress ball or magnetic sculpture will live on a prospective customer's desk for a long, long time... Plus, your company's logo will be there the entire time, promoting your brand.
    4. They live on desks. Imprinted office toys will end up on desks, which are inside of your prospect's companies. The office toys are visually appealing so all of the people (other prospects) who see it on a desk will want to play with it. While this "office anthill" Printable Slingshot Flying Monkey Toyhappens surrounding the office toy, your logo and messaging generates awareness of your brand.
    5. They demonstrate your company's culture. What kind of company culture do you have? Giving away customized office toys shows your prospects that your company understands the value of having a little fun and stress relief at work. You'll be the type of company that your prospects will want to do business with.

    Customized office toys are also affordable and small so you can buy and distribute a lot of them and your prospects can easily fit them in their suitcase.

    Create an anthill at your next trade show: give away office toys!

    Office Playground specializes in imprinted office toys, so we'll surely have the perfect playful giveaway for your next trade show or event. Check out our selection of printable office toys.

    We're always happy to help you select the ideal trade show office toy. Just give us a call or email: 800-458-1948 or [email protected]

  • Best Animal Office Toys

    Office Playground presents the top 5 Animal Office Toys. While most live pets stay at home, we tabulated your favorite animal office toys to keep you company at work.

    Best Animal Office Toys | Infographic

    #1 Monkey Office Toys By far, the monkey comes out on top. We all monkey around in the office, so why not find a monkey friend to join in on the fun. Your top pick is the Slingshot Flying Monkey. Caped, masked, and ready to fly, the Slingshot Monkey will soar into the air as he lets out his screaming monkey calls.

    #2 Chicken Office Toys Coming in at number 2 of the list are chicken office toys. Bird office toys are also a top favorite, but chickens rank at the top all on their own. You sure like the Slingshot Flying Chicken, but our favorite, the Rubber Chicken is your runner up.

    #3 Fish & Sea Life Office Toys The third most popular animal office toy combines fish and other fishy creatures. Clownfish is the favorite of all of the fish office toys, but tropical fish office toys are also at the top. You can enjoy the relaxing qualities of an aquarium without the hassle with fish office toys.

    #4 Bird Office Toys Excluding the favorite 3 birds, chickens, penguins, and ducks, bird office toys make the top 5 all on their own. It's probably because there is such a wide variety of bird office toys. Included in our bird office toys are owls, eagles, flamingos, toucans, woodpeckers, and parrots.

    #5 Penguin Office Toys We couldn't imagine a list of favorite animal office toys without penguins! These black and white birds are too adorable not to make the top 5. Your favorite penguin office toys include penguin paperweights and penguin squeeze toys.

    Honorable Mentions

    #6 Cat Office Toys Coming in at number 6 of the best animal office toys list is a familiar, friendly, fury, feline friend--the everyday house cat. Cat office toys edge out man's best friend, dog office toys, by a good margin. Wondering why? We have a suspicion it's because cats are lucky.

    #7, 8, 9, 10 Pig, Frog, Dog, and Cow Office Toys We didn't want to leave you hanging! The last of the top 10 animal office toys are pigs, frogs, dogs, and cows. And in case you're super curious, sharks, butterflies, ducks, and dolphins tried out, but didn't quite make the cut.

  • 18 Reactions You've Had At Work

    18 Reactions You've Had At Work

    Work is a mix of emotions. One minute you're kickin' butt and taking names, the next you're wishing you could hide under your desk. You're not alone. We've compiled some of the reactions we've all had at work at some point.

    Continue reading

  • Create Your Dream Office in a Shed - Guest Post

    Create your dream office in a shed


    Recently Tiger Sheds created a guide on how to transform your garden shed into the perfect office.


    Create your dream office in a shed The Amur Log Cabin Office Shed - External

    We’re thrilled that Tiger Sheds included our awesome Anti-Gravity Globe to give their working environment a true executive touch.


    After reading this post it inspired us to think; what else would we add in an office shed to bring some fun to the working environment.

    Here are our top choices:

    Desktop Locker

    Wish you had a sacred place to store your favourite pens, jewellery and money? Then the Desktop Locker is perfect for you! You will be the envy of the office with this product as it even comes with a mini picture frame on the inside, padlock, and keys!


    Drum Roll Sound Button

    If you’re planning on kicking your business off in a shed or a log cabin then you may not have that many workers to begin with. But that shouldn’t kill the atmosphere! With the Drum Roll button you can create suspense before declaring exciting news and feel like you’re in an office of a 100.

    Desktop Par 3 Golf Game


    Having your office in a shed could mean you don’t have that much spare space for a mini golf course, however, you can still keep your golf skills sharp with this adorable and yet very cool Desktop Park 3 Golf Game, so you can procrastinate in style!


    Sarcastic Ball

    Want some more office banter? You don’t need to go through the stress and worry of employing someone new! With the Sarcastic Ball you will get all the backchat you crave, with comebacks such as ‘In your dreams’, ‘Ask me if I care’ and ‘Dumb question ask another’. Ahh Perfect.

    Basket Ball Hoop


    If you’re trying to create a cool working environment then how could you forget about having a Basket Ball Hoop on your wall? Then you can shoot hoops whilst in the middle of a long phone call, or a long meeting or maybe just on a Friday afternoon.


    What would you include in your office shed? Share with @TigerSheds and @Officeplaygoun

    We want to thank Hannah at Tiger Sheds for writing this guest post and we encourage everyone to think outside the cubicle and get your own Outdoor Office Shed

  • 8 Office Toys Your Dad Will Love This Father's Day

    8 Office Toys Your Dad Will Love

    Dad's a fun guy, right?! This Father's Day, give him a fun office toy that he'll love!

    1. Bear Claw Back Scratcher
    1. Bear Claw Back ScratcherNo need to make dad rub his back against a tree for some itch relief. This back scratcher is shaped like a bear claw and extends to over 20 inches to reach right between those shoulder blades! We also have the Croc Claw Back Scratcher!


    2. I Heart Farting Coffee Mug
    2. I Heart Farting Coffee MugIt's true, dads love farting. Because farts are funny and dads are funny. The two just go hand in hand. So put this mug in dad's hand this Farter's Day (see what we did there?). He'd probably also like the Fart Sound Button.


    3. Rude & Crude Magic Answer Ball
    3. Rude & Crude Magic Answer BallEver tell your dad you're thirsty and he replies "Hi, Thirsty. Nice to meet you, I'm Dad."? Funny, roll-your-eyes responses are such a dad thing. This ball has the kind of funny responses dad would love. He'd also probably dig theTelemarketer Repellent Sound Machine!


    4. Magnetic Levitator
    4. Magnetic LevitatorAs soon as it's Science Fair time, dad's all in. Why? Because science is cool and fun. Just like dad. This little levitator also spins. It's mesmerizing and the perfect thank you for all those science projects dad helped you do. If he's really into science we've got just the Science Toys for him.


    5. Round Sand Picture
    5. Round Sand PictureFather's Day is also a great time to relax. Sand Pictures provide the prefect kind of relaxation for dad throughout the day. He can just flip the picture over and watch the sand fall as it creates soothing patterns. Ahhhh, yes. We carry all kinds of Sand Pictures, too.


    6. Screwdriver Pen
    6. Screwdriver PenBreak something? Go to dad. Sometimes he isn't quite the handy man he makes himself out to be, but he tries, right?! And that's why he's the best. This pen will let him know that in your heart, he is the handy man he thinks he is. You can also check out all the tool-shaped pens here.


    7. Sports Splat Ball
    7. Sports Splat BallThe game is on and it's getting super tense. Give him a splat ball to throw at the wall and help relieve that action-packed tension! If your dad is a non-stop sports junkie, we have all the Office Sports Toys he'll need!


    8. Beer Pint Glass Stress Toy
    8. Beer Pint Glass Stress ToyAfter a long day on the job, your dad deserves a cold beer, but while he's at work, he deserves a beer stress toy! If he's stressing out at work, he can just squeeze the beer and remember the day is almost over! More of a wine guy?We've got that, too!




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  • Super Spring Sale!

    Super Spring Sale!

    For a limited time only, we've put over 150 office toys & products on sale! Hurry, supplies won't last long and some won't be coming back!

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  • Top 6 Types of Fidget Toys

    Fidget Toys!

    Having trouble concentrating? Maybe you don't know what to do with your hands while you're on the phone? Need to keep focused during long meetings? Fidget toys are the perfect solution! Below are the Top 6 Types of Fidget Toys.

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  • Top 10 Stress Balls: Which one is best for you?


    Top 10 Stress Balls

    Before you decide on one, let us show you the top 10 stress balls and how they're best used for fun and stress relief!

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  • 2015 New Year's Resolution Office Toys

    Keeping them isn't easy, but now it can be fun! These 2015 New Year's Resolution office toys are the perfect solution to your resolutions!

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