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Chinese Health Stress Balls

Also known as Chinese Balls, Chinese Stress Balls, Mediation Balls, Relax Balls, Chime Balls, Exercise Balls, and many more.

They go by many names, Chinese Health Balls, Chinese Stress Balls, Chinese Mediation Balls, Chinese Relax Balls, Chinese Ying Yang Balls, Chinese Baoding Balls, Chinese Chime Balls, Chinese Exercise Balls, Chinese Metal Balls and many more. But, whatever you call them, you need some! Chinese Health Balls have been around for over 600 years. They affect the acupressure points in your hand and help you achieve the ultimate "Qi" (pronounced "Chi"). Beginners will push the balls around with their fingers. More advanced practitioners will make the balls rotate effortlessly in their palm with the fingers acting only as guides. Eventually you'll be able to roll the Health Balls without them touching. Are you up for it? Have fun and get Qi with our Chinese Health Balls!

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