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Buzzing Stunt Noise Magnets

Buzzing Stunt Magnets are finely polished, high powered magnets. Some folks call them Rattle Snake Egg Magnets, Noise Magnets, Sound Magnets, Sizzling Magnets and Buzz Magnets. These super strong magnets are a ton of fun and you can do lots of cool stunts with them. Buzzing Stunt Magnets all offer a unique fun proposition. Separate the magnets slightly in your hands and gently toss them straight up for an amazing extra terrestrial buzzing sound. You can also put one magnet on top of your desk and move it around by holding another magnet underneath the desk. Get your own set of Buzzing Stunt Magnets and your co-workers won't be able to resist your magnetic personality. Try Buzzing Stunt Magnets once and you'll be hooked.

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