Should you wear a Halloween Costume to Work? Halloween falls on a Monday this year, so you might be wondering when and where you can wear your Halloween costume.

Wearing a Halloween costume to work depends on the work environment. There are some jobs where it would be an absolute no-no if you showed up in a full Halloween costume, while there are others where it would be just fine. For example, would you really feel comfortable if your surgeon showed up as a Vampire or Zombie?

Mitchell from Modern Family wears a Halloween costume to work

Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) attempts to change out of his Spider-Man costume. Image Source: Wikipedia

Can lawyers wear Halloween costumes to work? In season 2 of the hit sitcom Modern Family, Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson), a lawyer, decides to wear a Spider-Man Halloween costume to work after hearing that two of his colleagues dress up for Halloween every year. When Mitchell arrives at his office, he sees that only he and his two coworkers are dressed up. In Mitchell’s situation, wearing a Halloween costume to work was frowned upon. He manages to cover up his Spider-Man costume with a suit he fortunately left in his trunk, but later he is caught wearing a costume when he tries to change out of the Spider-Man outfit.

If you’re thinking about wearing a Halloween costume to work, like Mitchell, here are some useful tips:

Consider your Profession

Think about if a Halloween costume would be appropriate for your profession or your work environment. Do you work with kids or have a fun and casual work atmosphere? Certain jobs lend themselves to dressing up for Halloween, while others do not. It might be OK for teachers and other jobs that frequently work with kids to dress up for Halloween, but for some professionals, it’s best to dress up outside of work hours.

Choose Wisely

Choose your costume wisely. Try a costume similar to your profession. If you work in an office, try a character from Mad Men or The Office. Recognizable movie/TV characters and actors also make good choices, such as Audrey Hepburn, Clark Kent, the Scooby Doo crew, or Harry Potter and his wizarding friends.

Ask Your Manager

If you’re new to the office or you’re not sure if you’re allowed to wear a costume, ask a few trusted co-workers and your manager to be safe. You don’t want to end up like Mitchell and be one of only a few in at your workplace dressed up for Halloween.

Consider your Work Environment

Keep your work environment in mind. Do you sit almost the entire day or are you always on move? Do you work outdoors with unpredictable weather? A Halloween costume shouldn’t get in the way of your job, so might want to save the mask or wings for the Halloween party and the trick-or-treaters.

Wear Accessories

Consider wearing accessories, like animal ears, an eye patch, or a hat, instead of a full costume.

Have a Backup Plan

Just in case you get into a sticky situation where your costume isn’t as work appropriate as you expected, be ready to wear something else. Bring a change of clothes or have removable accessories you can easily take off.

Consider your Dress Code

If you have a uniform or strict dress code, unfortunately, it might not be appropriate to wear a Halloween costume at work. You might be able to wear simple Halloween costume accessories, but be sure to ask your supervisor.

Don’t Wear an Offensive Costume

Stay away from costumes that might be considered offensive. While it might be tempting to dress up as Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump this year, it’s best to save the political costumes for outside of work. Also, make sure your costume isn’t violent, racist, or too revealing.

Don’t Wear Too Much Makeup

Be careful about wearing too much makeup. You can quickly remove cat ears and a tail, if needed, but it’s more difficult and time consuming to wash off a black nose and whiskers.

Wear a Group Costume

If your workplace does allow employees to wear Halloween costumes, try out a group costume for added fun.


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