Which Stress Ball Are You? Quiz

Stress Ball Quiz: Which Stress Ball Are You?

Which Stress Ball Are You?

Interview with the Slingshot Flying Monkey

We sat down with Office Playground's favorite monkey, Mr. Slingshot Flying, to learn more about how he feels about fame, fun, and living the good life.

10 Ways to get Started on Mondays

Got a case of the Mondays? For some people, Mondays are the worst day of the week. Mondays don't have to be as bad as you might think. If you do something fun the first thing on a Monday morning, you'll be excited and energized for a great start to the work week. Here are 10 “punny” ways to get your work week started (because Monday is Punday).

Coolest Offices in the World

12 Coolest Offices Around the World
Inspiring office design is the foundation to a good company culture. If you want your employees to be brand ambassadors you should focus on creating a company culture that embodies the brand and empowers your employees. Employers know having the coolest offices is important to the health and happiness of employees.

12 Affordable Ways To Make Your Office Look Fancy

12 Affordable Ways To Make Your Office Look Fancy

Oh-so Fancy! Even on a tight budget, your desk can look fabulous.

Top 8 Office Toys for Classrooms

Play At Work, Play in Classrooms
You might be surprised to learn that our office toys are actually extremely popular in classrooms! Well, probably not shocked, because they are toys, after all, and our belief is that you should embrace your inner child at work.

Workplace Stress Statistics

Learn something new about the stress statistics in the workplace with our infographic. 

New Hire Welcome Gifts – Over 10 Unique Ideas

How do you welcome new hires? You could give them a training manual and set them to work, but that isn’t very welcoming. Keep that excitement going with a fun and unique welcome tradition.

Retirement Gifts

Retirement Gifts
There are millions of people in the baby boomer generation ready to retire. Are you ready? Give your retiring employees a fun retirement gift and they’ll be on their way to a life filled with relaxation, entertainment, travel, indulgence,

Adult Coloring Books are Good for You

Adult Coloring Books are Good for You
Let’s explore the many benefits of adult coloring books