What Type of Boss Are You?

Are you a great boss? Maybe you like to play it cool. Take this quiz to learn what type of boss you are (all in fun, of course). Since everyone could use some pointers every now and then, (Nobody's perfect!) we will also give some ideas on how to become a better boss.

Motivational Quotes to Help You Get Through Your Work Day

Motivational Quotes to Help You Get Through Your Work Day

“When you form a team, why do you try to form a team? Because teamwork builds trust and trust builds speed.”
– Russel Honore

Decorate Your Cubicle Like the Guys from Workaholics

Decorate Your Cubicle Like the Guys from Workaholics
Workaholics is a show loved by all who understand and live through an office workday. It follows the hijinks of three 20-something cubicle mates (and roommates), as they somehow manage to not get

10 Beautifully Made Natural Wooden Office Toys


Wooden toys have a certain elegance about them. The craftsmanship and the natural, hewn texture make them fine art pieces and classic toys. Below we’ve picked some of our favorites!

23 Inexpensive Office Supplies That’ll Make You Actually Want To Be at Work


The right office supplies will change feeling like you have to be at work to feeling like you want to be at work! Check out 23 inexpensive office supplies below that will make work an infinitely more enjoyable experience. 

10 Ways to Keep Busy at Work When the Internet Goes Down

Sometimes technology can be your friend. But... what happens when technology turns against you? What if your internet goes down during the workday and it's essential to your business? While the hard working IT folks scramble to resolve the issue as fast as they can, what are you to do? We've put together a list of 10 ways to keep busy when the internet goes down.

How to Have a Fun & Productive Work Environment

A fun work environment doesn't mean it is an unproductive one. We'll show you 6 unique ways to have fun in at work without decreasing productivity. When your employees and coworkers are having fun, they're happier, less stressed, and more likely to be motivated. Let's have fun as we get work done!

Gifts for Your Boss

National Boss Day is October 17, 2016
Here’s your chance to show your boss or manager how great you think they are and gain brownie points at the same time. This is your time to shine! In order to stand out from the crowd of gift card givers, you’ve got to think outside the box. You’ve gotta get them something fun!

Best Tabletop Water Fountains

Tabletop Water Fountains, also known as Desktop Water Fountains or Indoor Tabletop Fountains, bring the feeling of the outdoors to your desk, office, or home. The beautifully designed fountains and the calm, flowing water will create a relaxing atmosphere and help you be at peace.

Imagining the Office of the Future: Slides, Robots and Hammocks

We’re all curious about the future. Here at Office Playground we’re especially curious about what we can expect our offices to look like. How will rapid technological advancement shape the way we work?