Make sure your promotion gets noticed.

So, you want to promote your business with a pen –  GREAT idea! Pens are very popular promotional items, for good reason. They’re inexpensive, useful, and easy to hand out anywhere. 

Useful promotional products are wildly more popular than disposable ones. People much prefer things they can use, plus, your brand will get tons more exposure when it’s on something that’s out and about making its mark in the world.

Now, the only downside to being so popular is that there are loads of promotional pens out there. You have to make yours stand out from the crowd. Hand out any other boring pen with a logo on it and it’ll be lost in the jumble – shoved in an office supply drawer somewhere, buried at the bottom of backpacks. Like it never even existed.

Here are some ways you can ensure your promotional pen is noticed and loved by all!



Ice Cream Cone Pen - Promotional Pen

Makes perfect sense AND looks delicious.

Choosing a promotional pen that’s relevant to your industry is a must. Right off the bat, the pen sets the tone for what your company does. Your company is being presented as a standard of your industry, and will be the first that comes to consumers minds.  

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Maze Pen - Promotional Pen

A pen and a fun little maze that people will love playing with.

A pen with an added element, like a puzzle or a maze, will be played with for hours, netting you lots of brand exposure.

Browse engaging pens:  Bobble Head Pens, Fidget Pens, Light Up Pens



Bamboo Pen - Promotional Pen

Handcrafted from real bamboo. Environmentally friendly and pretty to boot.

An unusual pen is sure to be noticed, giving you an edge over competitors. It has personality while those other pens have none. A quirky or funny pen will also help set the tone for your company, if that’s what you’re going for.

Browse unique pens: Animal Pens, Flower Pens, Miscellaneous Pens, Natural Pens, Talking Pens


High Quality

Gold Dust Pen - Promotional Pen

Give someone gold and you’re sure to be remembered.

A company pen that lasts for a long time will have a long life of giving your company lots of exposure. You’ll also leave a great impression of your company on anyone you give your pen to – imagine if you gave out cheap pens that barely write with your company’s name on them!

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Just make it fun.

Overall, you want a promotional pen that will incentivize people to contact you and hold your company in high regard. And you can do that, easily, when your promotional pen is not boring. Print your logo on something that people will want to use! It’s worth it.