Bring Toys to Work… Not Donuts!

Are you still bringing donuts to meetings? WAIT! You don’t need to do that anymore. There’s a better way to get everyone energized and excited at your next meeting. It’s simple: bring toys, not donuts.

We all know that donuts are bad for you and the sugar crash is a serious downer. Bringing donuts to meetings is like saying, “Here, I hope you all feel sick for the next 5 hours and act like zombies all afternoon.” Donuts only take a minute to eat, give you heartburn and require an extra workout to burn off the empty calories. On the other hand, a good office toy is long-lasting, stress relieving and brightens up your workspace.

So why bring toys to work? Note the health considerations:
bring toys to work
Have some fun at your next office meeting and bring toys. Who knows, maybe you’ll impress your boss so much, you’ll get further in your career (we make no guarantees).

Next time, bring some:

Tangle Jr.

Fidget Toys!



Neon Mesh Squishy Ball

Stress Balls!



Colorful Crawly Caterpillar Toy

Stretchy Toys!