Adult Coloring Books are Good for You

Adult Coloring Books are Good for You
Let’s explore the many benefits of adult coloring books

De-Stress in Under 10 minutes

De-Stress in Under 10 minutes
Got 10 minutes? While the path to a stress-free life takes time and commitment, there are a few things you can do every day and in less than 10 minutes to help relieve day-to-day stresses. Here’s what you can do in 10 minutes or less to de-stress!

Stress Ball Firmness Guide

Ever wonder what it’s like to squeeze one of the many stress balls we carry on our site? We’ve whipped together this handy Stress Ball Firmness Guide to show you the firmness of some of our best stress balls.

Trade Show: 5 Reasons to Give Away Office Toys

Trade Show Tips
5 Reasons to Give Away Office Toys
Many years ago, I found my inspiration for starting Office Playground at a trade show. I was working at a trade show consulting firm at the time and my company’s job was to help our clients get as many people to their booth as possible. My boss used to call it, “creating an anthill,” referring, because that’s what it looks like when attendees swarm your trade show booth.

Best Animal Office Toys

Office Playground presents the top 5 best Animal Office Toys. While most live pets stay at home, we tabulated your favorite animal office toys to keep you company at work.

18 Reactions You’ve Had At Work

18 Reactions You’ve Had At Work
Work is a mix of emotions. One minute you’re kickin’ butt and taking names, the next you’re wishing you could hide under your desk. You’re not alone. We’ve compiled some of the reactions we’ve all had at work at some point.

Create Your Dream Office in a Shed – TigerSheds Guest Post

Create your dream office in a shed
Recently TigerSheds created a guide on how to transform your garden shed into the perfect office.


We’re thrilled that Tiger Sheds included our awesome Anti-Gravity Globe to give their working environment a true executive

8 Office Toys Your Dad Will Love This Father’s Day

Dad’s a fun guy, right?! This Father’s Day, give him a fun office toy that he’ll love!

1. Bear Claw Back ScratcherNo need to make dad rub his back against a tree for some itch relief. This back scratcher is shaped

Super Spring Sale!

Super Spring Sale!
For a limited time only, we’ve put over 150 office toys & products on sale! Hurry, supplies won’t last long and some won’t be coming back!

Top 6 Types of Fidget Toys

Fidget Toys!
Having trouble concentrating? Maybe you don’t know what to do with your hands while you’re on the phone? Need to keep focused during long meetings? Fidget toys are the perfect solution! Below are the Top 6 Types of Fidget Toys.