Saying thank you can go a long way, but if you thank someone without thought, it becomes meaningless. In today’s hectic workplace, it can be difficult to find the time to compose a thoughtful thank you note. We’ll help you out with 5 new and fun ways to say thanks. Now you can show your appreciation for your job, coworkers, contractors, clients, and employees with a twist of fun.

 Word Stress Toy - Thanks

1. Send a squeezable thank you

The Word Stress Toy in Thanks spells out your appreciation. Have several of these on hand to give to employees for a job well done. To add some thought, write a short message with a permanent marker on the back telling the recipient why you’re thankful.

 Sticky Notes - Awesome

2. Write an awesome thank you note

The Awesome Sticky Notes memo pad gives you the perfect prompt for starting your thank you notes: just list out reasons why you think the recipient is awesome. When you’re finished, be sure to check the “Actually Awesome” checkbox for added emphasis.

Thank You Sound Button

3. Press a thank you button

The Thank You Sound button is perfect for small and shared offices. When you receive help from a coworker that sits in the cubicle next to you, press the Thank You Sound Button to express your gratitude.

 Talking Pen - Thanks

4. Give a thank you pen

When you thank someone with the Thanks Talking Pen, you’re giving both a useful gift and a grateful message that can be listened to over and over again. Press down on the figurine to hear him say, “Thanks a lot! Thank you very, very much! Thank you so much!”

 Word Stress Ball - Thanks

5. Say thanks with a stress ball

You can also customize the Thanks Stress Ball with your logo or custom message. It’s great for thanking volunteers who participated in a large event or attendees of a trade show or conference.