Splat Balls

Splat Balls are versatile Stress Balls for your Desktop!

Splat Balls will "splat" when you throw them against a table or wall. BUT, they'll come right back into shape, SOOOO COOL! As if that's not cool enough, Splat Balls are awesome stress relief squeeze balls too. You'll find yourself alternating between squeezing and splattering them all day. And, believe us, these are VERY visually interesting for you and anyone who sees your desk. Your coworkers will want to play with it too. Check out our wide selection of Splat Balls!

SPLAT That Stress Away

If you've never seen a gooey Splat Ball smack and ripple flat against a hard surface, only to spring right back into shape- you're missing out. It’s surprisingly mesmerizing. You can watch some videos on our website to experience Splat Balls in action. And, if the urge to throw down some splat-tacular goodness of your own strikes, just check our wide selection of Splat Balls to see if any strike your fancy!

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