Splat Ball - Golf Ball
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The Golf Ball Splat Ball is dimpled and round just like a real golf ball but don't let it fall into a sand trap or you'll be sorry! Take the Golf Ball Splat Ball to the club house and show it off to your golf mates or just keep one at your desk to play with when you're bored. Throw it against a hard surface and watch it splat then, like magic, it returns to its original shape.

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Care Tips

Splat Balls should be sticky! Use sticky tape to remove dirt and dust.

This ball is made up of a flexible rubber outer shell filled with liquid. Puncturing, over-stretching, or twisting the product may cause it to leak or burst. It is not for pets or young children. Liquid ingredients may stain clothing, carpets, fabrics, or walls. Do not leave in sunlight or high temperatures, such as in a parked car. Keep away from computers, keyboards, electronic equipment and other liquid sensitive items and areas.

Approximately 2.25" diameter, flexible outer skin with clear liquid inside.

WARNING: Choking Hazard - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.