Slinkys & Springs

The Original Slinky and Magic Springs are Classic Office Toys!

It's a Slinky! Slinky just might be the number one stress reliever toy of all time. You know the deal with Slinky, you've played with them your whole life and you know how hard it is to put down. You'll be fidgeting with your slinky toy during a phone call or while you contemplate your next strategic decision. If you're not sure which stress reliever to buy, a Slinky is a safe first move. Magic Springs have the same great qualities as the original Slinky. Magic Springs and Slinkys come in many styles like the Plastic Magic Spring, the Gold Slinky and the Slinky Collector's Edition. Get a metal Magic Spring or a decorated Magic Spring to fidget with and liven up your workspace. Add some personality to your desktop with a new Slinky Stress Relief Toy.

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