Slingshot Animals

Slingshot Flying Animals are the Ultimate Office Stress Reliever!

Have some fun in the office with Slingshot Flying Animals. They will sit on your desk looking cute one minute and then cause a delightful stress-busting distraction the next. They each have a strong rubber band internal structure capable of a good slingshot fling. These animal flying toys are super cool because not only can you send them flying across the office, the Slingshot Flying Animals also make sounds as they fly. Each slingshot toy issues an animal appropriate scream, cluck, moo or quacking sound. Listen to the Slingshot Flying Monkey's scream as he soars over cubicle walls. Hear the Slingshot Flying Cat's screeching meow, the Slingshot Flying Cow's "moo" and the Slingshot Flying Chicken's loud crow. You can turn your office into a jungle, barnyard or zoo full of flying Slingshot Animals! It's time to have some ridiculously fun stress relief in the office and play with a Slingshot Flying Animal.

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