Dr. Freud's Therapy Ball
Dr. Freud's Therapy Ball
Dr. Freud's Therapy Ball, click to view larger
Dr. Freud's Therapy Ball, click to view larger
Dr. Freud's Therapy Ball, click to view larger
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Maybe your psychotherapy is getting too expensive... maybe you don't have time to travel to all those sessions.... or maybe you just want something quick and easy and not so embarassing. Tell Dr. Freud's Therapy Ball your most neurotic thoughts and disturbing dreams, it will answer with objectivity and without judgement. Then you can do what you always do when faced with complex issues -- scarf down some chocolate!  Works just like a Magic 8 Ball.

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Are You A Bed Wetter?, Are You Taking Your Meds?, Baby Steps, Break-Through, Free Your Inner Child, Go On..., Go To Your Happy Place, Hmmmmmmm..., How Did That Make You Feel?, I Don't Hate Patients, Less Guilt More Smiles, Let's Channel That Anger, Let's Go With That, Let's Move On, Sorry Time's Up, Talk About Your Mother, What Do You Think?, Who Am I Talking To Now?, You're In Denial, You're Making Progress
Manufacturer: Accoutrements

3.75" diameter, black plastic, liquid inside. 20 possible responses. Shake the Dr. Freud's Therapy Ball, turn it over and hold the viewing window level. The response dice floats to the top of the viewing window.


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