Some might wonder what the use of a syringe pen exactly is. All I can say is that I wonder at those who doubt the amusement that comes from having a syringe that is actually a pen. Imagine, a regular day at work. You smile, say your good mornings, grab some coffee, proceed to take out your blood filled syringe and set to work. You’ll probably catch a couple of confused stares from co-workers as you appear to pen your notes in blood.

The syringe pen is pretty much a necessity for those working in a medical profession. If you’re a doctor or a nurse, having a syringe pen will add some much needed novelty to your day. Whip out your syringe from a coat pocket and scrawl your notes in style. Tease some confused patients with a grin and a wink. offers a fantastic variety of syringe pens for the medical professional in all of us. Best of all, you’re not limited to writing with red blood in your syringe--you can opt for blue or yellow (which can be either medicine or alien blood, who knows?). There’s even a yellow highlighter syringe, so you can make those words pop before you inject them.


Kayla Batom
Guest Blogger
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Red (Blood) Syringe Pen