The Slinky has been around for over seventy years now. Chances are that you grew up with some variant of it slinking about your home. That classic Slinky tune from the commercials is the longest running jingle in advertising history.

You can carry those fond childhood memories with you into the workplace. I’ve listed 5 things to do with Slinkys in order to relive the nostalgia.

5. Slinky Physics: Sound Waves!
When it comes to physics, a common lesson involves science teachers whipping out their Slinkys to demonstrate sound waves in motion. Recreate this lesson for your coworkers as you and a partner stretch the Slinky out, and, by using flicking motions, send waves back and forth down the rings. Explain to them how the nature of sound waves is similar to the Slinky’s action and have them either be impressed or annoyed by your extensive knowledge of something learned in elementary school.

Slinky Physics
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4. The Stairs
Can’t have a Slinky without trying to slink it down some stairs, right?

Slinky on Stairs
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3. The Treadmill
If, by chance, you have a treadmill at your workplace, take advantage of it. No, not by running on it, but by giving your Slinky a workout. Set it to an uphill slant and see how long your Slinky can last on the treadmill. (However, if it can outlast you, you may want to consider spending a bit of extra time on that treadmill yourself.)

Slinky on Treadmill
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2. The Desk Drop
If you’re up for a challenge, you could try to recreate something like this and drop your Slinky off your desk, onto your chair, and onto some books.

Slinky Desk Drop
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1. The Human Slinky
And if you’re an extreme Slinky enthusiast, you could always become a human Slinky.

Human Slinky
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