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  • Solar Power Rainbow Maker: Bring the Beauty to Your Office

    Solar Power Rainbow Maker: Bring the Beauty to Your Office solar power rainbow maker

    If you've ever thought that work would be much better if your office was filled with wondrous dancing rainbows, you’re right. The Solar Power Rainbow Maker greatly improves your workday with peaceful and dazzling arcs of color, powered solely by the sun. All you have to do is place it in sunlight – a solar powered motor will rotate the rainbow maker and refract light in every direction. Somehow work doesn't seem so bad when you’re surrounded by dancing patterns of light.

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    Moonbow photo credit: CalvinBradshaw (

    Did You Know?

    Did you know rainbows can occur at night? There must be a full moon, it must be either rising or setting, and there must be a mist in the air. They are sometimes called Moonbows (how fun is that name?!)

  • How We Use The BTW Dry Erase Board

    We've got a cool new product, the BTW Dry Erase Board. As we were playing around with it we thought it would be kind of fun to come up with other meanings for the acronym BTW.

    We're not sure if you would use these other meanings as often as 'by the way' if at all - there might be a reason it's the most commonly used definition.

    1. Bring The Wine


    2. Bite The Waffle


    3. Backyard Trampoline Wrestling


    4. Bovines Taken Weekly


    5. Better Than Working


    6. But That's Wild



    BTW, you can buy the BTW Dry Erase Board here.

  • Chalkboard Coffee Mug

    chalkboard coffee cup

    This ceramic Chalkboard Coffee Mug features a chalkboard surface that you can personalize to your heart's content. Mark down your coffee order, jot down notes, or decorate with some sketches. The Chalkboard Coffee Mug holds 12 ounces and the double walled design keeps your drink warm but the cup cool to the touch. It comes with white chalk (but you can use any color in the chalk rainbow), and the chalk is easily wiped off afterwards. Microwave and dishwasher safe!

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  • Office Playground's 15 Year Celebration!

    office playground 15 years

    15-years-badge-fpoDear Valued Customer,

    In 1999 Office Playground was just an idea; the brainchild of one guy who believed that work should be more than just a jaded nine-to-five. Fifteen incredible years later Office Playground has grown to become the largest and most popular name in office toys and stress relief. And it’s all thanks to you guys! A lot has happened in those fifteen years, including the dot-com bubble burst and a recession, and we're still able to provide our amazing customers with the widest selection of cool office gadgets and quality stress relievers. We look forward to another fifteen years of bringing happiness to your workplace! Sincerely, Bill Ross CEO Office Playground

  • iPOP Pen Cats and Dogs

    ipop pen

    iPOP Pen Cats and Dogs are perfect work companions. They won’t scratch your furniture or eat your shoes. They’ll just sit there and watch you lovingly with big eyes. Give them a friendly squeeze and those huge eyes bulge out in astonishment, providing endless amusement and stress relief. Plus, anything you write down automatically becomes 10x cuter when written with one of these adorable pens. An iPOP Cat or Dog is sure to fill your workday with eye-popping goodness.

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  • Wind Up Toy Race 2014

    We've got some pretty fast wind up toys here at Office Playground, so we set up a little friendly competition to determine who's the fastest of them all. What followed was an adrenaline fueled, nerve-racking hobble to the finish.  Continue reading

  • 10 Color Pen

    10 color pen


    The 10 Color Pen offers an awesome variety of colors, all bundled up into one convenient package so you won’t have to lug around ten different pens. Make some notes in a glaring red, then instantly switch over to a cooler, more forgiving blue. Maybe you’re feeling fanciful and write everything in smooth purple. Who knows, you might even want to make every word a different color (you rebel, you). Let the 10 Color Pen indulge all of your colorful writing whims!

    10 color pen

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  • National Cheese Pizza Day & Be Late For Something Day

    National Cheese Pizza Day & National Be Late For Something Day

    Two very important holidays are coming up this Friday, September 5. Those of you who are infallibly late to work now have reason to be - or, at least, you'll have a better excuse than running into traffic. And those of you who love the melty goodness of cheese pizza can indulge to your heart's content in the name of celebrating a national holiday. We're not sure who came up with these holidays - but we like them enough to be celebrating them tomorrow. So feel free to sleep in and stroll into work a couple of minutes late. And then go out to lunch for some slices of cheese pizza. Or you could go into work hours late carrying a fresh, hot box of cheesy pizza for the entire office! Everyone will either love you or hate you (We would love you).

  • USB Robot Emergency Phone Charger

    usb robot emergency phone charger

    USB Robot Emergency Phone Charger

    Phone battery at 1%? Don’t trip rushing to find a charger before it dies on you. The USB Robot Emergency Phone Charger’s got your back. It’s compatible with all phones that use USB charging cables and, although it may look as though it’s powered by cuteness, it uses two AA batteries to juice your phone back up to that coveted green status. So don’t freak out if you’re on the go or there are no empty outlets and your phone starts giving out those warning signs. This little robot’s good for any charging emergency.

  • Slinky Day

    Happy National Slinky Day!

    "What walks down stairs, alone or in pairs and makes a slinkity sound? A spring, a spring, a marvelous thing!" 

    Continue reading

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