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  • Coolest Offices in the World

    12 Coolest Offices Around the World

    Inspiring office design is the foundation to a good company culture. If you want your employees to be brand ambassadors you should focus on creating a company culture that embodies the brand and empowers your employees. Employers know having the coolest offices is important to the health and happiness of employees. Continue reading

  • 12 Affordable Ways To Make Your Office Look Fancy

    12 Affordable Ways To Make Your Office Look Fancy

    12 Affordable Ways To Make Your Office Look Fancy

    Oh-so Fancy! Even on a tight budget, your desk can look fabulous.

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  • Top 8 Office Toys for Classrooms

    Photo Credit Krissy Venosdale (x)

    Play At Work, Play in Classrooms

    You might be surprised to learn that our office toys are actually extremely popular in classrooms! Well, probably not shocked, because they are toys, after all, and our belief is that you should embrace your inner child at work. Continue reading

  • Workplace Stress Statistics

    Learn something new about the stress statistics in the workplace with our infographic.  Continue reading

  • New Hire Welcome Gifts - Over 10 Unique Ideas

    How do you welcome new hires? via GIPHY

    You could give them a training manual and set them to work, but that isn't very welcoming. It's, well... a little boring too. New hires might be nervous and uneasy, but they're probably just as excited that they got the job.

    Now they're ready to start something new!

    Keep that excitement going with a fun and unique welcome tradition. According to an article on, LinkedIn gives new hires a "swag bag" filled with goodies catered to their personal interests. Almost any company can do this simple gesture. Your welcome goodie bag could include essential office supplies, fun stress relief toys, and quirky office gifts. What you give depends on your organization or the new employee, but keep reading for ideas.

    Why would it matter if my employee feels welcomed? Try to put yourself in your new hire's shoes. If they feel unwelcomed, unwanted or nonessential do you think they will be a motivated a productive employee for your company 5 years down the road? Will they even show up for a second day? If your new employees don't start off right, then you're not setting up them for success.

    So, now you might be thinking,

    "What can I put in my new hire gift bag? I have no idea where to begin!" Relax, and start with the basics. Your new hire will likely need some essential tools, such as office supplies if you work in an office. Make sure your new employees have a fun pen, a whimsical notebook, and a humorous coffee mug. Getting the basics down will make you and the company look good too. You'll be seen as organized and prepared and you'll be more than likely to earn respect from your new employees.

    Next, it's time to get creative with your new hire gift.

    If you already know the new employee's interests, you could tailor the items based on their favorite sport, favorite animal, favorite activities, favorite foods, or even their favorite movies. Then, you could take a gander at what sort of fun activities your new employees might want to do during breaks, to relieve stress, or to add a bit of fun to their day.

    Still looking for new hire gift ideas? We've complied our top 10 employee welcome gifts, so you can create a fantastic new hire welcome kit.

       1. Foot Stress Toy Give this to new employees to get them off on the right foot. Have coworkers sign it with welcoming and motivating messages.
       2. Maze Pen Everyone could use a fun pen. The Maze Pen will remind your new employees they are A-Maze-ing!
       3. Knock Knock Notepad - WTF Am I Doing Help new hires get a grip on their new responsibilities with this life-changing notepad.
      4. Big Mistake Eraser New employees might make a mistake or two. Let them know in a friendly way that mistakes are OK.
      5. Sorry Button After making their first big mistake, new employees might need to press this button. (Hopefully not too many times!)
      6. Prescription Coffee Mug Keep your new employees alert! Give your new employees a prescription for some liquid energy.
       7. Slingshot Flying Monkey Every workplace needs a Slingshot Flying Monkey! Plus, it's a reminder that it's OK to monkey around every now and then.
       9. Mister Rogers' Encourage Mints Give your new employees a little encourage-mint and let them know they are doing a great job.
      10. Keep Calm Cube Puzzle The Keep Calm Cube Puzzle is a metaphor for solving problems: if it can't be solved at first, remember to keep calm (and then carry on).
  • Retirement Gifts

    Retirement Gifts

    There are millions of people in the baby boomer generation ready to retire. Are you ready? Give your retiring employees a fun retirement gift and they'll be on their way to a life filled with relaxation, entertainment, travel, indulgence, reading, and enjoyment. Office Playground's selection of retirement gifts definitely fulfill a few of these aspects of retirement.

    Why give retirement gifts?

    Managers, CEOs, and coworkers may want to celebrate their employee or coworker's retirement. With the retirement day fast approaching, a coworker may want to give a retiring coworker a retirement gift out of sentiment, kindness, or due to a friendship. Managers and company owners may give retirement gifts for similar reasons, but things like company culture and employee retention also come into play. If a manager gives a retirement gift of office toys, it shows a fun and upbeat company culture. If the gift is well thought out, retirement gifts show other employees that their managers actually care! (We could touch on how this increases employee motivation, but that's another topic.)

    Retirement Themed Gifts

       MY RETIREMENT COUNTDOWN TIMER For the employee who recently announced their retirement and still has a couple weeks to go, give the 'My Retirement Countdown Timer'. Pre-retirees will look forward to seeing their countdown until retirement down to the last second.
      RETIRE MINTS What are a retiree's favorite type of candy? Answer: Retire Mints! Retire Mints will add a burst of minty freshness to your retiring employee's day.


    RETIRED PARKING PERMIT Once an employee retires, make it official with the Retired Parking Permit. This retirement bonus gives pass holders with the privilege to park anywhere they choose. (Of course, the Retired Parking Permit is a novelty item and it does not actually provide the freedom to park anywhere.)



    Depending on the retiree's interests, you could assemble a care package full of goodies related to their favorite hobby. Here are a handful of hobby related categories (just to name a few):

    Coloring Books Golf Puzzles Science TV & Movies



    After a lifetime of hard work, celebrate your retiree's final days of work with pampering office health toys. Your employee or coworker will appreciate head massagers, hand massagers, and hot/cold packs. But, don't think that hot/cold packs are just for injuries and tired muscles: retirees can simply enjoy the relaxing warmth of a heated hot pack anytime they so desire.

    Gag Gifts

    If your retiree has a great sense of humor and if you think he/she would laugh at a few jokes related to getting older, then a selection of Gag Gifts & Toys could make an entertaining retirement gift. Here, we can start out with a few of our favorite old age gag gifts, and check out the Gag Gifts category for more ideas.


    Wind Up Chatter Teeth Age Eraser Fart Sound Button Fart in a Can Urine Sample Noise Putty


    Now, you have a wide variety of retirement gift ideas for your employees and coworkers. Share your thoughts: what kinds of retirement gifts would you enjoy?

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    Adult Coloring Books are Good for You

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  • De-Stress in Under 10 minutes

    De-Stress in Under 10 minutes

    Got 10 minutes? While the path to a stress-free life takes time and commitment, there are a few things you can do every day and in less than 10 minutes to help relieve day-to-day stresses. Here's what you can do in 10 minutes or less to de-stress!

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  • Stress Ball Firmness Guide

    Ever wonder what it's like to squeeze one of the many stress balls we carry on our site? We've whipped together this handy Stress Ball Firmness Guide to show you the firmness of some of our best stress balls. Continue reading

  • Trade Show: 5 Reasons to Give Away Office Toys

    Trade Show Tips

    5 Reasons to Give Away Office Toys

    Many years ago, I found my inspiration for starting Office Playground at a trade show. I was working at a trade show consulting firm at the time and my company's job was to help our clients get as many people to their booth as possible. My boss used to call it, "creating an anthill," referring, because that's what it looks like when attendees swarm your trade show booth. Continue reading

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