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  • What Type of Boss Are You?

    What Type of Boss Are You?

    What Type of Boss Are You?

    A great boss can be hard to find. They're supportive in developing their staff members, they are great communicators, and they empower employees to excel. Are you a great boss? Maybe you like to play it cool. Take this quiz to learn what type of boss you are (all in fun, of course). Since everyone could use some pointers every now and then, (Nobody's perfect!) we will also give some ideas on how to become a better boss.

    Mr. or Ms. Cool

    Mr. Cool Emoji Stress Ball You like to play it cool. You tend to be very sociable, funny, easy going, and confident. In some cases, you are seen as the relaxed boss that wants to be your employee's best friend. The plus side of being the cool boss is that you are well liked by almost everyone. The downside is that you might not be the best boss you can be. That just means there is room for improvement! How can you be a better boss? That answer is different for each cool boss. You got the cool thing down--the next step is to be both cool and a well-respected leader.

    The Angry Boss

    Mad Stress Ball Uh-oh. You're the angry boss type. Maybe it’s time you took a step back to make sure your emotions are in check. Instead of blowing off some steam by yelling at your staff members, squeeze a stress ball and count to 10. Becoming a calmer boss will help you and your team enjoy work and be more productive.

    The pointy-haired boss (The Boss) from Dilbert

    The Boss Stress Toy from Dilbert You are quite the character--you're the boss from Dilbert. This probably isn't a good thing, but it does mean you have room for improvement. According to Wikipedia, the pointy-haired boss "is frequently childish, immature, ignorant, and rude, yet also annoyingly cheerful and oblivious to his own actions." It might mean that you need to be more involved in what your employees actually do and learn to trust them. You also might benefit from training or a class in business communication or management.

    The Great Boss

    Gold Mini Trophy You are a rare find--the great boss. You certainly deserve a gold trophy because you are a great communicator, you know when and how to delegate, you empower your staff, and you give genuine praise for even the small things. Not quite the total package yet? Take a first step to becoming a better boss by praising, rewarding, and encouraging great habits. This can be simply done through written or spoken communication or you can give employees a gold trophy of their own.

    The Executive

    Executive Reactionary The executive boss is a true professional. You exhibit many qualities of a great boss: you are confident, a great leader, respected, and competitive. From time to time, you might be a little demanding, but you know how to get things done. Your dedication and strong work ethic support your success. In order to maintain this success, you need the right staff. You only hire the best and if an employee isn't pulling their weight, you do what you need to do to make things right.


    Did the results match up to your management style? Even a great boss could use a pointer or two for becoming a better boss. Here are just a few ideas. How are you a great boss?

    1. Make sure you're encouraging yourself and staff members to learn and grow. 2. Have mutual respect between you and your employees. 3. Be fair. While each individual is unique, do your best to be consistent. 4. Praise your staff. Employees like to know they're doing well. Let them know you appreciate them.

  • Motivational Quotes to Help You Get Through Your Work Day

    Motivational Quotes to Help You Get Through Your Work Day

    "When you form a team, why do you try to form a team? Because teamwork builds trust and trust builds speed." - Russel Honore

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  • Decorate Your Cubicle Like the Guys from Workaholics

    Workaholics subicle

    Decorate Your Cubicle Like the Guys from Workaholics

    Workaholics is a show loved by all who understand and live through an office workday. It follows the hijinks of three 20-something cubicle mates (and roommates), as they somehow manage to not get fired while at the same time make the most out of their workweek. We just love how much of our awesome toys and products are in the cubicle inhabited by our favorite 9-5ers on TV!

    Take a moment to hover your mouse on the above image to see what OfficePlayground toys we've spotted.

    Want more Workaholic ideas?

    Chomp The Shark


    A hungry shark is the last thing you want to be near. Lucky for you, because this one is in the middle of digesting some unfortunate fellow

    Buy Here!

    Butt Putt Farting Golf Putter Game


    Whether you're an aspiring golfer or a astute 9-year-old boy, the Butt Putt is sure to be a hit. This golf ball return game features a none-too-subtle bum-shaped putting target,

    Buy Here!

    Fart in a Can


    Fart in a Can is the ultimate fart-friendly gag gift. Each time you press the button on the blownhorn-styled can and you’ll hear one of these six delightful sounds: Silent but Deadly, Loud & Proud, The Big Boy,

    Buy Here!

    Thigh Master - Exercise Toning System


    Now you can get in a quick workout, and do it without leaving your desk! Use the Thigh Master to tone your entire body, including your thighs, chest, hips, and arms.

    Buy Here!

    Dress-Up Bigfoot


    Not to get philosophical, but if you think about it, Bigfoot walks around naked. Sure, his fur makes does an okay job of covering up, but he's a forest-living, hippy nudist.

    Buy Here!

  • 10 Beautifully Made Natural Wooden Office Toys


    10 Beautifully Made Natural Wooden Office Toys

    Wooden toys have a certain elegance about them. The craftsmanship and the natural, hewn texture make them fine art pieces and classic toys. Below we've picked some of our favorites! Continue reading

  • 23 Inexpensive Office Supplies That’ll Make You Actually Want To Be at Work


    23 Inexpensive Office Supplies That Will Make You Actually Want To Be At Work

    The right office supplies will change feeling like you have to be at work to feeling like you want to be at work! Check out 23 inexpensive office supplies below that will make work an infinitely more enjoyable experience.  Continue reading

  • 10 Ways to Keep Busy at Work When the Internet Goes Down

    10 Ways to Keep Busy at Work When the Internet Goes Down

    Sometimes technology can be your friend. Sending emails, visiting websites, searching for something on Google, and being always connected with a smartphone are now a part of our everyday lives. We use technology more than you might think. But... what happens when technology turns against you? What if your internet goes down during the workday and it's essential to your business? You might have some sort of backup system, but... What happens when the backup internet fails or maybe you don't have backup internet. While the hard working IT folks scramble to resolve the issue as fast as they can, what are you to do? We've put together a list of 10 ways to keep busy at work when the internet goes down.

    1. Take a break If it's nearing your lunch time or if you haven't taken a 10 minute break in while, this is the perfect opportunity. On your break, you might take a short walk outside, grab a snack, or play a game of monkeys in a barrel.

    2. Talk to coworkers Take the opportunity to get away from your desk and talk to someone. Are you at a loss when it comes to small talk? You could talk about the internet going down. If that topic doesn't start an interesting conversation, then you might ponder where the Slingshot Flying Monkey likes to go on vacation.

    Pencil Tower Create a tower of pencils

    3. Create a tower of ______ What items can you stack in your workplace? Books are too easy. Can you create a tower with pens and pencils? How about binder clips, magnetic stones, or foam toy cows? Think outside of the box! Get together with teams and turn tower building into a team building and problem solving exercise.

    4. Write secret messages to your coworkers Head to the water cooler or the bathroom and stick a note in a very noticeable place. When your coworkers walk away from their desk, leave a note just for them. Your note might be something awesome, an exciting fact, a pending to-do item, or an interesting conversation.

    Disc Shooter - Zip Shot Twin Pack Start a friendly disc shooter battle!

    5. Start a battle Start a friendly office battle with foam disc shooters. Surprise your fellow coworkers by sending a few random foam discs over their way. Once they're noticed, had them their own disc shooter and swiftly take action! (Target practice with a foam dart shooter is a great alternative.)

    What will you create with putty or clay?

    6. Create a putty masterpiece The possibilities are endless with putty and clay. You could mold clay into a miniature version of your favorite animal. Or, gather a few coworkers and make a grand work of putty art on the break room table.

    7. Hold a meeting Is everyone too busy to get together for that brainstorming meeting? Well, now everyone has the time. To keep your meetings organized and upbeat, check out our silly pens and meeting toys.

    8. Host a wind up toy race Someone in the office is bound to be a wind up toy collector. Ask to borrow their wind ups and have each person pick their favorite to win. We hosted our own wind up toy race, so we can offer a tip or two. If you have a wide selection of wind ups, select the ones that walk or hop in a straight line (test them out first or watch our wind up toy videos). Then, set some ground rules: pick your start and finish lines and decide if participants are allowed to touch and re-wind up their toy again.

    Wind Up Chattering Teeth Wind Up Farm Animal Wind Up Wild Animal Wind Up Crab Wind Up Chicken
    Wind Up Chattering Teeth Wind Up Farm Animal Wind Up Wild Animal Wind Up Crab Wind Up Chicken


    9. Write or update your to-do list Get out an old fashioned pen and paper and write it down! To help you get organized, grab your favorite notepad. Depending on your style, you might need to get your s**t together, figure out WTF you're doing, or plan out your entire week.

    10. Go home If your work depends on the internet and it's going to be down for a significant portion of time, it might be the most practical to send employees home for the day. If you offer employees the ability to work from home, this would be the most practical option. Don't have employees waste time doing nothing--let them have the rest of the day off where they can relax as they please.

  • How to Have a Fun & Productive Work Environment

    A fun work environment doesn't mean it is an unproductive one. We'll show you 6 unique ways to have fun in at work without decreasing productivity. When your employees and coworkers are having fun, they're happier, less stressed, and more likely to be motivated. Let's have fun as we get work done!

    adult coloring book 1. Take a creativity break coloring!

    1. Take creativity breaks Taking a break can actually boost productivity. If the brain is tried, dull, and unimaginative, it can be difficult to come up with a solution or an idea. Take several mini breaks during the day to allow you (and your employees) to have some fun while you recharge for the next task. Some creative activities include coloring, sculpting putty or clay, assembling tangram puzzles, or dressing up Einstein (yes, an Einstein Dress Up Kit actually exists).

    2. Personalize your work space While this seems subtle, a personalized work space can make a huge difference. A personalized work space feels more welcoming and enjoyable than a plain work area. Which sounds more fun out of the following two options? One, a plain white room or two a room filled with color, art, and decorations. Most people would probably choose a work area that's pleasing to the eye. Try a relaxing desktop fountain, colorful (but still practical) office supplies, or appealing sand pictures.

    brainstorm whiteboard 3. Brainstorming can be both productive and fun

    3. Encourage creativity Creativity comes in many different forms. Employees might not think they're creative because they aren't artistic. Being creative in the workplace is more than painting a picture. Encourage others around you to be creative in their thoughts and ideas. Use brainstorming sessions or suggestion boxes to encourage employees to think of unique solutions, interesting products, and innovative improvements. Let employees explore their favorite way of being creative, whether it is through discussion or quiet thought.

    4. Bring toys to meetings Having fidget toys or stress balls at a meeting can actually help increase engagement if the toy is subtle and doesn't take the focus away the person speaking. We recommend a Tangle fidget toy, a Koosh ball, or a foam stress toy.

    laptop with headphones 5. Listen to music and have a blast while working

    5. Play enjoyable music Music can be very uplifting and make a less than exciting task more uplifting and interesting. If your workplace plays music, allow employees to pick the radio station or pick a song of the day. When playing music, remember to be aware of others. Musical tastes can vary and some people are sensitive to noise. In some cases, you might encourage music players to wear headphones while listening to their favorite songs.


    6. Create a game out of work Whether you use certificates, badges, gold stars, workplace bingo, or a point system, turning goals into a game can make things lighthearted and fun. Games can also be very motivating: employees will push to get that goal star or another bingo. Before you call a work game cheesy or childish, remember that gamification is widely popular (you'll find games in more things than you might think) and it is a huge motivating factor. If it's done right, work games can be a fun twist to "just working".

  • Gifts for Your Boss

    Gifts for Your Boss

    National Boss Day is October 17, 2016

    Here's your chance to show your boss or manager how great you think they are and gain brownie points at the same time. This is your time to shine! In order to stand out from the crowd of gift card givers, you've got to think outside the box. You've gotta get them something fun!

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  • Best Tabletop Water Fountains

    Best Tabletop Water Fountains

    Tabletop Water Fountains, also known as Desktop Water Fountains or Indoor Tabletop Fountains, bring the feeling of the outdoors to your desk, office, or home. The beautifully designed fountains and the calm, flowing water will create a relaxing atmosphere and help you be at peace. Continue reading

  • Imagining the Office of the Future: Slides, Robots and Hammocks

    We're all curious about the future. Here at Office Playground we're especially curious about what we can expect our offices to look like. How will rapid technological advancement shape the way we work? Continue reading

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