Affirmation Ball
Affirmation Ball
Affirmation Ball, click to view larger
Affirmation Ball, click to view larger
Affirmation Ball, click to view larger
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The Affirmation Ball will keep your spirits up with 20 different inspirational messages. Pat yourself on the back because "people like you" and because "your breath is so minty." A great gift for those self conscious co-workers, clients, or bosses. We can hardly keep these things in stock! Guess there's a lot of folks out there needing their daily affirmations. Even when you blow a presentation, exceed your budget or just feel lousy, the Affirmation Ball won't ever let you forget that "you're a winner." Works just like a Magic 8 Ball.

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At Least I Love You, Brilliant Idea!, Half-Full, Have You Lost Weight?, It Can't Be All That Bad, Look On The Bright Side, Nice Job!, Nice Outfit!, Nice Try!, People Like You, Pure Genius!, That's O.K., The Sky's The Limit, Who Says You're Stupid?, You Can Do It!, You Look Marvelous, Your Breath Is So Minty, You're 100% Fun!, You're A Winner!, You're Good Enough.
Manufacturer: Accoutrements

3.75" diameter, yellow plastic, liquid inside. 20 possible messages. Shake the Affirmation Ball, turn it over and hold the viewing window level. The message dice floats to the top of the viewing window.


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